Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement?
04 / 11 / 18

What Is the Difference Between Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement?

If you are dealing with hair loss and looking for answers, at Hair Professionals we provide solutions. Our goal is to inform our clients and potential clients that there are many solutions out there for every kind of hair loss. One question we hear sometimes is, "what is the difference between hair extensions and hair replacement?" So we wanted to address this question to provide some answers as you continue on your journey to find the right hair solution for you.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions exist to make the hair longer or to fill in where someone is experiencing hair loss. There are several popular methods to applying hair extensions. The main ones are fusion hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, and weave (sew-in) hair extensions. The fusion method involves fusing individual strands to your natural hair using heat. The tape-in method is just as it sounds—sections of hair are attached to your natural hair using double sided tape. And the weave method involves braiding your natural hair and then using thread to sew wefts of hair into the braids. 

These three methods vary on price and the amount of time they last. The most expensive and time consuming method is the fusion method, taking up to three hours to apply. However, fusion extensions last the longest—up to four months. Tape-in extensions are a less expensive option and can work in all hair types. While you can reuse the same extensions, you do have to have them reapplied every six to eight weeks. Weave extensions are the least costly method and last for up to three months. However, they work best on coarse, thick, or curly hair that can support the cornrows used to attach the weave. 

Hair extensions can be made out of human or synthetic hair, depending on your budget. Natural hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic. Either way, it's important to match the color and texture to your natural hair for the best results.

What Is Hair Replacement?

Hair replacement is a broad term that covers a number of therapies and procedures to make up for hair loss. At Hair Professionals, we offer many methods of hair replacement including both surgical and non-surgical options.  

One of the methods we use is the Virtuesse Hair Graft procedure. For those intimidated by surgical or invasive procedures, this is a great option. This is a painless application procedure completed by trained hair professionals. There is no at-home care or maintenance other than what you would already do to take care of your natural hair and the grafted hair is indistinguishable from natural hair. 

Another method we use is called Natural Advantage. Natural Advantage is also a non-surgical hair method that grafts strands of real hair to the scalp via an invisible membrane. This method is low maintenance, painless, and the appearance is natural and seamless.

What Is The Difference?

Both hair extensions and hair replacement can serve as methods to deal with hair loss. A hair weave can be a good method for women with hair loss because it blends right in with natural hair. Hair extensions are used by anyone wanting more or longer hair, whether or not hair loss is the reason why that person gets extensions.

Hair replacement is more of an umbrella term that covers many methods of hair restoration, including hair grafts with either natural or synthetic hair. The best way to tell which method is right for you is to visit us at Hair Professionals and have a consultation with one of our consultants. Contact us today at Hair Professionals to schedule your consultation and be on your way to a new, confident you.