• If your hair has been steadily thinning due to hormonal changes, or you've experienced hair loss due to medications -- or for any reason -- chances are you're feeling pretty low about it. If you've tried to deal with it on your own and haven't made much (if any) progress, why not take advantage of the fresh start attitude that seems to come with every new year, and see a professional to learn what can be done to regrow or replace the hair you've lost?

  • Despite what some people think, hair loss is not just a problem men face. Women can experience hair loss as well. Regardless of gender, hair loss is something both men and women have to deal with. The good thing is, science has advanced to provide us with many different solutions to hair loss. But before we dive into some of those solutions, let's discuss some of the differences in male and female hair loss. 

  • Hair loss can happen to anyone and there are many causes. For men or women with parents with who are bald or have thinning hair, they probably anticipate facing the same thing when they get older. But the reality is, some people in their 20s experience hair loss too. If this is you, you are probably surprised and stressed. However, the good news is hair loss isn't something that has to be permanent and science has progressed us to many ways to address it. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the causes of early hair loss in men and women as well as some of the possible solutions.

  • Just the thought of being diagnosed with breast cancer is scary for most women. October is here, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation wants to raise awareness of the disease and educate women because as the well-worn, but true clich√© goes, "knowledge is power". But we can't acquire knowledge about this common form of cancer unless we get out of our comfort zones and acknowledge that it exists as a threat to all of us -- even men.

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  • They do an absolutely fabulous job on your hair. Their hairpieces are totally unrecognizable even by looking closely. Even my dermatologist while examining my scalp did not know I was wearing a hairpiece
    - Jerry Grant
  • Thank you to the team at hair professionals. I was blown away by how real and quality the hair systems are. My only regret is wishing i wouldve found them sooner, very friendly very glad i found them!
    - George Milam
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