Hair loss is always an emotional situation to face in any circumstance. However, for some women, it’s symptomatic of an even more serious struggle. Some of our clients come to us not because of genetic hair loss, but because they have just been diagnosed with cancer and want to know what their options are for protecting their hair even through chemotherapy.

We are proud to invite these women into our Comfort Program, which provides a number of solutions designed specifically for those undergoing cancer treatment—either chemotherapy and/or cranial radiation. Women newly diagnosed with cancer meet with us to develop solutions for addressing chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

Our Comfort Program is personalized, tailored to each individual client facing chemotherapy or radiation. It begins with a meeting with the client before their treatment begins as well as a consultation with their oncologist. It’s an extra step, but we believe the more we know, the greater our ability to help.

We work with handmade, premium products like special order wigs which can be colored, fitted for comfort, cut, and styled. When the hair loss begins, we have the client come in and we make any needed adjustments. After thirty days, the return and we make sure they are happy with the wig, and know how to care for it. Again, we make any adjustments needed for both style and comfort. All wigs are special order, created for those undergoing medically induced hair loss.

As we work with women in the Comfort Program, we strive to help them maintain their current look—and that means providing them with a prosthesis, made from 100 percent natural human hair or high quality synthetic, as well as fittings, stylings, and reconditionings as needed. The goal is to replicate the look of the woman’s natural, growing hair—or to provide them with a whole new look if that’s what they prefer. Additionally, at the start of the program, we provide a transitional hair cut—an important way to prepare for potential hair loss.

There is more to our Comfort Program than that, though. Using advanced trichology principles and an expansive lineup of topical solutions, we can help women care for their scalps and their overall hair health. We provide treatments to help soothe itching or irritated scalps, plus a home hair kit that allows women to care for their own scalps as needed. These treatments are 100 percent natural, safe, and effective, promoting the health of the head, hair, and scalp.

Of course, we also provide complete privacy and the personal attention needed to encourage and provide comfortable, caring atmosphere. We stand in solidarity with women fighting cancer, and we are honored to assist even in this small way. That’s ultimately what the Hair Professionals Comfort Program is all about.

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If you are facing a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy or radiation treatment, our Comfort Program is designed exclusively to help you with treatment-induced hair loss. We provide personalized, private, and caring hair loss solutions created just for you. At Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, FL, we want to stand by and support you in your fight against cancer and to that end, we designed our Comfort Program where we special order wigs, do custom color, and ensure you are cared for as you undergo treatment. Call today and schedule your consultation and allow us to assist you in this small way as you begin your treatment.