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Causes of Men's Hair Loss

While no one wants to experience hair loss, the truth is hair loss is quite common for men. Potential causes of male hair loss are many, once it begins, most men seek out solutions. At Hair Professionals, we offer the proven, effective, non-surgical solutions you seek to restore your hair, no matter the extent or cause of your hair loss.

To understand male hair loss reasons, it is important to grasp hair’s natural growth phases. Hair follicles alternate growth and resting cycles, which means while in the resting phase, around 10 percent of your follicles are shedding hair to prepare for new hair growth. Since they don’t all rest at once, some hair loss is natural.

Finding the solution to causes of male baldness or thinning hair, requires a scalp and follicle analysis. Many men experience hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), but that isn’t the only cause. Determining the cause, through your consultation, allows us to guide you to the solution, a solution which features personalized treatments and advanced techniques designed to fully restore your hair.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Thinning hair and hair loss is often daunting, and can leave you down and discouraged. But, the truth is, hair loss or thinning hair shouldn’t leave you disheartened, because at Hair Professionals, we have the male hair loss treatments you want and need to restore your hair. You don’t have to settle for hair loss or thinning hair, you don’t need to undergo invasive surgical procedures or transplants, and you don’t need to invest in toupees, wigs, or hair pieces. We can help you discover advanced, proven hair restoration treatments that are safe, effective, and long-lasting and promise to help you enjoy a thick, full head of hair again.

The first step is scheduling your confidential consultation. At your visit, we will perform a hair and scalp analysis to determine the reason behind your hair loss. Men can experience hair loss for a number of reasons, so understanding the cause of your hair loss helps us recommend an appropriate and effective solution for you. Our goal is to see that you get a custom solution which will return you to looking and feeling your best.

For lots of men, a custom hair system is the best solution, delivering the most advanced hair restoration system and personalized to meet your specific needs without the need for surgical procedures. With a custom hair system, the choice is yours, including hair color, texture, style, and length of your new hair. Once your selections are made, the system is designed perfectly for your scalp, with the promise very little maintenance and a look that is completely natural. When complete, you will have a new full, healthy head of hair.

At Hair Professionals, you can learn all about personalized hair restoration systems as well as other effective solutions, including laser hair therapy and topical treatments which can stimulate new growth while reducing hair loss. The options are many, and we invite you to schedule your consultation today and get started on your own hair restoration journey.

Get a Confidential Consultation

Contact us today for your consultation and realize your dream of fuller, thicker hair.

At Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, Florida, we strive to help men and women, like you, take the first step in the journey to hair restoration – a consultation by our hair loss professionals. During your private consultation, we’ll completely examine your scalp to determine the reason for your hair loss, and then discuss the most effective hair restoration solutions customized just for you. Reach out to us today, schedule your consultation with Hair Professionals and explore the possibilities.


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