Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Some men simply accept hair loss as a part of life, an inevitability of the aging process—but have you ever paused to wonder why male hair loss happens? There’s no simple or elegant answer here, as the causes of men’s hair loss are numerous. Identifying the cause of your hair loss, however, can be a key first step toward finding a hair loss solution.

The most common source of male hair loss is genetics. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, affects more than 50 million American men and is a hereditary trait. Male pattern baldness can be identified by its unique hair loss pattern. Men will begin to lose hair at the crown and receding hairline, often ending up with an M-shaped hairline. Male pattern baldness can take effect early in life, too—as early as the mid-20s.

When first losing your hair, it's best to consult with your medical doctor to rule out any underlying health issues. In some situations, hair loss is a side effect and can be reversed with treatment of a disease.

Other reasons for male hair loss may be caused by medical treatments including some prescription drugs and chemotherapy. Anxiety and hormone disorders may also contribute to hair loss. Skin disorders and disease of the scalp can compromise the ability to grow thick, full, healthy hair, and lead to either partial or complete hair loss.

While your medical team can help identify the cause of your hair loss, the team at Hair Professionals can help you identify what to do about it. The process starts with an evaluation, where we’ll look at your hairline and your scalp and help you determine what you’re up against. Not only are our consultations complimentary, but they are also discreet and painless.

Following the initial evaluation, the Hair Professionals team can begin recommending some hair restoration solutions that might work well for your needs. Don’t delay in starting the process. The earlier you start, the more options are available. Regain the hair you’ve always wanted by visiting us at Hair Professionals today.

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