Men's Head First Program for Hair Loss

Head First Program for Men

The Capilia Head First program delivers completely natural, safe, and effective solutions for healthy scalps and hair.

Head First Logo 2018Having thick, vibrant hair is important—but so is having a clean, healthy scalp. You might be surprised to learn that poor scalp health is a major contributor to hair loss. What’s more, many men suffer from scalp problems but don’t even realize it. We’re seeking to change that. We want to ensure that our clients have healthy hair but also healthy heads—and through our Head First Program, we’re placing a new kind of focus on overall scalp wellness.

The Key is a Healthy Scalp

Head First Product LineupThe entire point of the Head First Program is to promote healthy scalps as a way to achieve healthy hair. As Capilia's exclusive affiliate in the West Palm Beach area, the Hair Professionals team has been certified to offer Capilia's Head First products which are uniquely safe, effective, and 100 percent natural. These products include shampoos, conditioners, and topical medications that address common scalp ailments and create a healthy environment in which hair growth can flourish.

Nothing we do at Hair Professionals is designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality, and Head First is no exception. We tailor the program, and the solutions we offer, to meet the individual client’s needs. This process begins with an evaluation. Using a microscopic camera and advanced software, our consultants can analyze your scalp and your current hair loss patterns and determine the best course of action.

Don’t delay! Do something for your scalp health today. Start by coming down to Hair Professionals for an evaluation—and don’t forget to ask about Head First!


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  • A fabulous experience!!! I came all the way from Key West as I heard so many good things about Hair Professionals in West Palm. My brother and 2 cousins had many dealings with them and highly recommended them. Very professional,…
    - Zackary Lahlou
  • I use several of the products available – among them, the shampoo, conditioner and hair spray. I completely rely on them, I am so very happy with the results. My hair is shiny, healthy. Who could ask for anything more?…
    - Nancy
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