Trichology Scalp Treatment for Men

Trichology for Men

Hair Professionals leverages advanced knowledge of the scalp to promote healthy hair growth and minimize further loss.

Our ultimate goal at Hair Professionals is to help our clients achieve full, healthy hair—but of course, there’s a bit more to it than just that. For one thing, it’s not just about hair. It’s also about your scalp. Unhealthy scalps and various skin disorders can contribute to hair loss, while a healthy scalp provides a fertile environment for hair to grow freely. One of the best ways to promote hair restoration, and to prevent against further hair loss, is keep the scalp healthy. This is a field of dermatology called Trichology, and it’s something we are serious about here at Hair Professionals.

In fact, we invest in ongoing Trichology training for all of our consultants and technicians, keeping the full team up to speed on the latest Trichology products and breakthroughs. This allows us to provide lasting hair growth for our clients, not just short-term solutions. We want to ensure that we’re really focusing on full head-and-hair health not merely appearances.

The Secret is in a Healthy Scalp

The Hair Professionals team is proud of their exclusive affiliation and certification by the two international leaders in Trichology, Capilia International and Cesare Ragazzi. Both trichology programs have been proven effective in restoring fullness, energy, and vitality to thinning hair. They enhance scalp conditions and provide an overall healthy environment for hair growth, all the while combatting harmful enzymes, cleansing the scalp, unclogging the hair shaft, stimulating good blood flow, and allowing for healthy hair regrowth.

To us, Trichology is more than just a science. It’s a way we can help our clients achieve the kind of hair they want. Where does the process begin? We recommend coming down for an evaluation. Let one of our consultants take a look at your current scalp condition and talk you through some of the options for improving it. Come down to Hair Professionals today, and be sure to ask about Trichology!


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  • I enjoy the warmth and smiles of the entire staff who are all very professional in every sense of the word.
    - Alan Michael Kraus
  • Thank you to the team at hair professionals. I was blown away by how real and quality the hair systems are. My only regret is wishing i wouldve found them sooner, very friendly very glad i found them!
    - George Milam
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