Hair Loss Prevention Program for Men

Men's Hair Loss Prevention Program

Our team can offer a number of solutions to stabilize or stall hair loss while optimizing scalp health.

Some men just accept hair loss as a fact of life, but what we try to tell everyone is that you never have to settle for an unhealthy scalp or a less-than-robust head of hair. You can regain your hair and your confidence through any number of advanced, evidence-backed hair restoration solutions. We offer the best options at Hair Professionals. As you think about restoring your hair, however, it’s also smart to think about preventing further loss—something we try to encourage through our Hair Loss Prevention program.

There are several layers to this program:

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Everything we do at Hair Professionals begins with a careful evaluation of your scalp health and current hair pattern. Our consultants employ an advanced micro-camera and a unique software suite, which helps us determine the condition of your scalp and hair follicles.

Head First

The Head First program, brought to you in conjunction with our exclusive affiliation with Capilia, is a great solution for many men as they seek fuller hair and healthier scalps. Head First addresses any scalp problems you have. The Capilia product line includes a number of topical solutions that are 100 percent safe, natural, and proven to get results for men suffering from hair loss.

CRLab Trichology

Our Hair Loss Prevention program also includes products from the CRLab Hair Loss line, which can help you add volume, energy, and vitality to your thinning hair. These products use some of the most sophisticated principles in hair regeneration and nourishment and can impede the enzymes that so often lead to hair loss.

Learn more about stopping or delaying hair loss; contact our team at Hair Professionals at your next convenience.


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  • I enjoy the warmth and smiles of the entire staff who are all very professional in every sense of the word.
    - Alan Michael Kraus
  • I didn't think there was a solution to my hair or lack there of, but hair professionals offered me a solution that I'm so glad i entertained, Dan and Andrea are awesome an so is the staff, thanks for everything…
    - Jon Gil
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