At Hair Professionals, we offer only the highest-quality wigs customized to meet each client’s wishes.

For women seeking complete head coverage, those dealing with hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions, or those women just seeking convenient hair style alternatives, wigs can provide your best solution. Hair Professionals is more than happy to assist. While guiding you in your wig selection, we bring the same zeal for quality and dedication to personal attention that we bring to all of our other service offerings.

What this means, most basically, is that we’re not just here to sell you a wig. What we want to do is talk with you about your hair loss needs and find the option that’s best for you—something tailored to you, something that matches the style, color, and appearance you desire.

The Hair Professionals wig selection encompasses only the finest, custom-made pieces from the best wigmakers in the country—including Jon Renau wigs, Follea wigs, and Club W wigs. These human hair or synthetic wigs are all made to be natural in their appearance and easy to wear and maintain. They also offer immense flexibility: Some women may simply wish to enhance their everyday look, while others prefer to change their look completely for different occasions. Both options are attainable with Hair Professionals’ wig selection.

Many of the wigs we offer also include monofilament, which provides lightweight comfort. Our wigs are hand-knotted, too, which means they can be brushed in the direction of your choosing, making for simple and seamless styling.