Men Go Bald and Women Thin
12 / 12 / 17

Understanding Hair Loss: Men Go Bald and Women Thin

Despite what some people think, hair loss is not just a problem men face. Women can experience hair loss as well. Regardless of gender, hair loss is something both men and women have to deal with. The good thing is, science has advanced to provide us with many different solutions to hair loss. But before we dive into some of those solutions, let's discuss some of the differences in male and female hair loss.

Male Hair Loss

The reason the term "male pattern baldness" is so common resides within the term itself—pattern. Most often, men lose their hair in either an "M" pattern or a horse-shoe shape, losing hair from the crown of the head or the hairline. There are many causes of hair loss in men, with the most prominent one being male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is hereditary and affects more than 50 million men in the United States. It is characterized by the hair loss at the crown of the head and from the temples, eventually creating an "M" shape where the two balding sites meet. Male pattern baldness can start as early as the 20s for some men.

Other causes of hair loss in men include poor diet, certain prescription drugs, anxiety, hormone imbalances, trauma, and skin or scalp disorders. Each of these causes has different rejuvenation methods, which we will discuss more.

Female Hair Loss

When women experience hair loss, while many of the causes are the same, the balding pattern is much different. Women tend to lose hair all over their scalp. While this can be unnerving, it doesn't have a big impact on appearance until women lose about 50% of their hair. Female hair loss can also be hereditary. So if your mother, grandmother, or other women in your family experienced hair loss, you may as well. 

Approximately 30 million women in the United States deal with hair loss so if you do, don't worry—you are not alone! Hormonal conditions, thyroid problems, weight gain, crash dieting, eating disorders, and other diseases can all cause hair loss.

How Hair Professionals Can Help

No matter what the cause of your hair loss is, there are revolutionary ways Hair Professionals can help. We offers a variety of hair restoration solutions, from hair products to 3D printing new hair! When you have a consultation with Hair Professionals, we will sit down with you and hear about your health and family history. We also complete a scalp and hair analysis. With these steps, we can determine the cause of your hair loss to come up with a treatment plan. Hair Professionals offers so many solutions we can surely find one that will work for you.

For some men or women, all you need is to use our Capilia Head First Program of shampoos and conditioners which treat scalp conditions. These products promote hair regrowth and prevent future hair loss. Another option many of our clients use is laser hair rejuvenation. We currently offer three different FDA approved laser methods and are committed to stay on top of changes in this technology to provide the best results to our clients. The CRLAB method is an exclusive solution from Italy that involves 3D printing real human hairs onto a "second scalp" that looks identical to your natural hair.

While these are just some brief descriptions of a few of our proven methods, we have many more tools in our tool box. We want to provide you with the best solution for you, based on the extent of your hair loss and the cause as well. Contact us for a consultation to begin on your hair rejuvenation journey today.