For those experiencing hair loss and thinning, laser therapy, along with topical medications, can sometimes stimulate the hair follicles and encourage new hair growth.

Laser hair therapy is a safe, painless holistic way to help reduce hair loss, thicken natural hair, and stimulate new growth. As such, it can enhance the success of topical solutions for improved results. While laser hair therapy for hair loss is not new, the technology in recent years has delivered a vast improvement over the laser hair restoration of the past.

The benefits of laser therapy are many. The procedure is painless and has no side effects. The low-level lasers used in laser hair regrowth comply with FDA laser safety standard and are FDA approved to grow hair.

At Hair Professionals, we love technology. We crave the new, and we constantly seek out whatever is the latest and best way for providing hair loss solutions. In our quest to stay on the cutting edge, we have developed expertise in some of the leading forms of laser hair therapy. We are proud to offer our expertise in these areas to men and women faced with thinning hair—including services in Theradome, iGrow, and Hairmax.