Male hair loss and hair thinning can cause feelings of despair and negativity. Often men assume there is no solution, but at Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, FL, we provide effective solutions for men including men’s hair systems. Our hair systems for men include Virtual Reality, CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories), and Natural Advantage, each of which are fully customized to meet men’s needs and complement their active lifestyles.

Hair systems for men deliver a long-term solution while providing you with a full, healthy head of natural hair. You select the color, texture, style, length, and direction, and we create your fully personalized hair system designed exclusively for you. Men’s hair systems provide a number of benefits because each hair system is created for you to ensure a perfect fit for your alone.

Your unique hair system for men features an ultra-thin “second skin” designed to fit your scalp. Thousands of individual human (not colored or processed) and synthetic hairs are then inserted into the membrane. Once the hairs are in place, the membrane is adhered to your scalp comfortably and securely. Plus, if you have existing hair growth, the system will be integrated with your natural hair.

The result – you have a real and natural looking hairline with a full head of hair which we can cut, color, and style anyway you like. Your new hair system is custom fit to match your busy lifestyle, so there are no worries about it ‘coming loose’. It also requires very little maintenance, other than normal washing and styling. Why wait? Reach out today and schedule your consultation and allow us to help you find the hair loss solution that is ideal for you.