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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

Among women, hair loss is a sensitive topic, as women love having a full, thick, and beautiful head of hair. Historically, women’s hair has been called their “crowning glory” which symbolizes femininity, identity, freedom and beauty. This makes the anxiety and concern of female hair loss or thinning even worse, though some hair loss and thinning is common.

And while there are lots of amazing solutions for hair loss in women, understanding the hair growth cycle can help you understand common and not so common causes of women’s hair loss and thinning. The human hair growth cycle happens as hair follicles alternate between growth and resting cycles. When at rest, hair follicles shed hair to make room for new hair growth. Female hair loss and thinning occurs when growing phase is inhibited or the resting phase is extended.

There are many reasons for hair loss or hair thinning in women including androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss. This condition is common and is caused by the overproduction of a byproduct of testosterone known as DHT. Androgenetic alopecia is one of several types of hormonal imbalances which can cause women’s hair loss and thinning. In addition, some medical conditions and treatments can also cause temporary or permanent hair loss, as can a lack of proper nutrition such as unhealthy dieting or a diet lacking in the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Whatever the cause, we can find the hair loss solution right for you. Contact us today.

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hair loss among women has a number of causes, but whatever the cause, it often leads to a sense of despair. The truth is, there is hope, with Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, FL, and our proven effect hair loss treatments for women. On arrival, one of our experts will greet you for your private consultation where we will examine your scalp and follicles to determine the cause of your hair loss.

Next, we will explore the hair loss treatments for women which can restore your hair completely. For a great number of women, the customized treatment of choice is a hair restoration system. A hair restoration system is a popular selection which can be fully personalized with your choice of color, texture, and style, and without invasive procedures. Our hair systems are among the best in the world, and always customized for you alone.

For women seeking additional length or volume, hair toppers can be integrated with your natural healthy growing hair, providing coverage in thinning areas. We also offer wigs – with both human hair and synthetic options – which can provide the perfect solution for those whose hair loss is temporary and a result of medical issues or medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Though no one wants to face hair loss or thinning, it can happen to women, regardless of age or background. Safe, proven, and effective hair loss treatment are the good news, offering the promise of restoration of a full, thick, natural head of hair. At Hair Professionals, every hair loss solution is personalized to meet your needs and deliver the look you desire.

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At Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, Florida, we strive to help men and women, like you, take the first step in the journey to hair restoration – a consultation by our hair loss professionals. During your private consultation, we’ll completely examine your scalp to determine the reason for your hair loss, and then discuss the most effective hair restoration solutions customized just for you. Reach out to us today, schedule your consultation with Hair Professionals and explore the possibilities.


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