05 / 31 / 16

Virtually Undetectable Hair


I am 33 years old and have male pattern baldness. I am considering hair replacement as a solution and would like to know more. How it works? Is it a toupee? Will people be able to tell? Can I still play sports?


Hair replacement is a very sound and popular solution for hair loss in men and women today. Hair replacement products are not toupees or heavy wigs. They are thin, lightweight, transparent materials with human hair injected or knotted into them. They come in a large variety of color and grey variations. They can be customized to the exact color, density, and size of the balding area.

With products like Virtual Reality for men and Virtuesse for women, you can go from balding to a full head of hair that is virtually undetectable in a little more than an hour. The hair replacement is seemless and becomes one with your own hair and scalp. It is cut and blended like your own hair and will give the appearance of hair growing out of the scalp for a totally natural hairline. Hair replacement clients play sports, swim, dance and shower without fear or concern that someone will know.

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