Your Hair May Regrow With Right Treatments
03 / 08 / 18

Did You Know Your Hair May Regrow With Right Treatments and Products?

If you are dealing with Hair Loss, it can be a daunting experience to find a solution. You probably know there are treatments out there. But how do you know which one will work for you? Or how do you know for sure it isn't just a gimmick? At Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach, we offer all sorts of solutions to hair loss, not just a one-size-fits-all solution. And did you know your hair may regrow with the right treatments and products? It's true. In this post, we will tell you about some of the potential treatments that could promote hair growth.


Trichology is the branch of dermatology that focuses on the scalp and how a healthy scalp promotes hair growth. Many people don't realize that hair loss can be a result of a scalp condition that can be treated. For example, some conditions cause the hair follicles on the scalp to be clogged which prevents new hair from growing. Properly cleansing the scalp with treated shampoos or promoting healthy blood flow on the scalp can actually cause hair to regrow.

Think about it—before you had challenges with hair loss, you still lost hair all the time, up to 100 hairs a day is normal. But new hairs would regrow in the place of the old ones. With a scalp condition, your hair can't grow back like it should. Once treated, it is possible to see regrowth. Treatments can be as simple as using the right products. Some of our favorites are the CR Lab hair products

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is one of the common treatments that stimulates the hair follicles which can promote hair growth. Laser hair therapy is an option for both men and women who want to see hair regrowth and stop hair loss in its tracks. At Hair Professionals, there are several different laser hair tools we recommend. All of them are FDA approved and several of them you can use at home as well.

For example, the laser comb has been help helping people combat hair loss since 2007. It is very portable and enhances the natural hair cycle. Not to mention, it doesn't require a prescription. We offer iGrow laser treatment, which you can use in your own home. If hair loss is caught at the early stages, it can help prevent further hair loss. And one more laser treatment we recommend is the Theradome LH80 Pro. This is a safe and effective helmet you use twice a week for 20 minute sessions to see hair regrowth. 

Schedule a Consultation

When it comes to hair loss, scientists have come up with so many ways to combat it. But not every method works for every person. Some factors include the cause of the hair loss and how long a patient has been experiencing hair loss before seeking treatment. 

At Hair Professionals, we like to sit down with each of our potential clients at no cost to them and discuss their hair loss symptoms. We perform a scalp analysis to determine if a scalp condition is the source of the hair loss. And we will give each person several treatment options based on what we think will work best for them. Depending on the cause of the hair loss and how long they have been experiencing it, we may be able to use our knowledge of trichology, laser hair therapy, or another therapy to cause hair to regrow. For more information, contact us today at Hair Professionals in West Palm Beach.