05 / 31 / 16

Solutions for Alopecia Clients


I am a 50 year old woman who is medically very healthy, with the exception of my hair continuing to get thinner and thinner. I have seen physicians and dermatologists and have yet to find a cause or solution for my situation. Please help.


More than 30 million women in the US suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. While 90% of baldness in men is caused by genetics, there are so many more factors that can impact women. Once the medical field has ruled out underlying health issues, there is little else they can offer these women. It takes years of training in this specialized field to understand the phases of hair growth, what causes hair loss and what the newest solutions are.

There are many new options, technological advances, and recently approved FDA treatments for women. That is why educational seminars are so important, in addition to seeking out someone who specializes in “Hair Loss Solutions.” By undergoing a simple but very technological microscopic scalp and hair analysis, your specialist can determine the cause and begin prescribing the options best suited to help you regrow and regain your hair.

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